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THE LITTLE LOOKERS Giraffe Shape Food Grade/BPA Free Silicone Teething Baby T...

  • *Baby's Safety Is Our Top Priority - This baby teether is made of 100% food-grade BPA Free silicone approved by the FDA and Comes in Plastic Box Packing.
  • *Pain & Gum Soreness Relief – The baby teether toy has multiple textured grooves to massage both front and back teeth. Having many types of edges to chew on keeps your baby interested and engaged in chewing for longer periods of time, helping to RELIEVE teething pain NATURALLY.
  • *Unique Design - A BRIGHT, COLORFUL giraffe design doubles as a toy that baby can play with and LEARN colors and animals with as well. This toy has grooved edges, which play a crucial role in cleaning your babies mouth naturally.
  • *Perfect Fit For Baby –It’s size is perfectly shaped for little hands. Babies can easily grab onto the teether and maintain their grip. This toy helps EXERCISE your baby’s finger flexibility and DEVELOP fine motor skills.
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THE LITTLE LOOKERS Adjustable Cotton Pocket Diapers & Reusable Baby Washable ...

  • *Adjustable SMALL-MEDIUM-LARGE in the same diaper. Long dry-feel inserts with sizing snaps (Stay Dry), curved shape for super trim fit.
  • *Waterproof, Strong, Breathable, Absorbent material. Anti-Bacterial Germproof Material for Perfect hygiene of your little one.
  • *Preferred by mothers as an Excellent Solution for NIGHT TIME when the diaper's function is mostly urine absorption.
  • *Product Size - Open L(37) x H(34) Cm , Close L(20) x H(20) Cm. Adujustable 4 size options for a super fit.
  • *Color Will Be Shipped Randomly. Note : Waterproof diaper that easily lasts 2-3 hours for an average wetting baby-wash both outer shell and soaker 300+ times and reuse.
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Mastela Thermal Insulation Stainless Steel Baby Feeding Bottle | 304 Food Gra...

  • *Excellent quality, 304 grade Stainless steel & Safe to use.
  • *0% Bisphenol.
  • *Light and convenient to carry along.
  • *With Airflex Nipple.
  • *Free of BPA and Phthalate, no harm to human body.
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THE LITTLE LOOKERS Cute Animated Patterned Soft Stretchable Baby Feeding Bott...

  • It can hold upto 120ml, 150ml, & 240ml feeding bottle.
  • Perfect fit attractive cartoon character prints make it irresistible.
  • Strong and Durable for Long Term Use. Easily Washable and Reusable
  • Comes with a loop on neck which makes it easy to attach to pram or crib or carrier.
  • Bottle Covers Are Made From Soft Fabric that protects Feeding Bottles from Dust & Scratches and keep the Bottles covered during Travel and At Home.
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THE LITTLE LOOKERS Disposable/Use & Throw Baby Bibs/Apron for Feeding/Burp/Dr...

*Protected from drool and spills *Quick and easy to take on & off *Made from safe and nontoxic material *Comes with stick on tape closure *Portable and travel friendly use and throw bibs. Includes: Pack of 40 Disposable Bibs.
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